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продолжаю пудрить мозги йоши :)

[4:38:38 PM] me: beauty contest in my uni in russia. this girl has won it .
[4:39:43 PM] Yoshimi: she looks asian to me though
[4:40:12 PM] me: sure, she is russian asian :)
[4:40:36 PM] Yoshimi: a half russian and asian you mean?
[4:41:18 PM] me: no, like she's of one of the asian looking nationality in russia
[4:42:27 PM] me:
[4:42:40 PM] me: looking good?
[4:42:51 PM] me: like japanese? ;)
[4:43:08 PM] Yoshimi: yea she looks japanese to me

а девочка на фотках - на самом деле бурятка.


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